Thursday, March 22, 2012

week 3: recap


i'm already a little foggy on the details from the end of february [should've blogged sooner. curse my horrific memory. curse it.] but let's do this anyway...

kate decides baby sisters aren't horrible inventions and enjoys kissing you constantly.
and we decide it's high time we kick the finger-sucking in the butt.
[she's now only allowed to suck her finger when she sleeps. there is nothing funnier than watching her sprint to her bed at bedtime while yelling 'i get to suck my finger!!' ah, kids.] 

your newborn grunting got out of control and was keeping both your dad and i awake at night.
once nana left [sniffle, sniffle, sob- we miss nana!] we moved you to your crib.
everyone slept much better after that.

you have a stork bite birthmark just like your big sis.
wonder if all our kids will have this?

monday night ritual-
snuggles, pizza and the bachelor.

and more sleeping. 
sorry this isn't more interesting.... 

oh hey look! 
it's us having a diaper change/nursing session in old navy's family dressing room.
my apologies to the 2 other shoppers- we hogged the room for 35 minutes.

our life really is wonderful.
my days are spent snuggling and feeding you and playing with kate.
i feel incredibly lucky to have 2 beautiful and healthy daughters.
i just wish maternity leave lasted 6 months.



Kelli said...

Kayla! I wish I could come snuggle your little ones, and have Kate be my BFF playing with my iPhone and sitting on my lap while we gossiped and analyzed my life. Miss you so much. Love the updates and great pics. Baby E is a beauty!


She's adorable, and you're lookin' too good. Geez.