Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the one thing i really wanted and never got... a grilled cheese on sourdough.

dear nurses and docs of YRMC-

thanks for taking good care of me and my little one during our 3 day stay.
we were happy to have you and for the most part it was a great experience.
[my last nurse was a little sketchy- she buckled evelyn into the car seat improperly. tsk tsk. and much to brandon's embarrassment, i informed her that she didn't do it right]
we were a little nervous about our stay since YRMC isn't known for it's great patient care but everything went well and by friday afternoon we felt prepared to go home.

a few things i want to thank you for:

1. my morphine pump. loved that thing!! they took it away far too quickly for my liking.
2. allowing me to keep my catheter in for a few extra hours so i didn't have to stand up and walk right away. but we couldn't put off the inevitable forever and yowza did it hurt to stand up after that surgery. ugh.
3. the volunteer who came to my room and gave me a foot massage. who does that?? and can they come to my house??
4. the adjustable hospital bed. this was the only reason i wanted to stay another night in the hospital. well, that and the lovely morphine. but we've already covered that.

so thanks and such.
your hard work was appreciated.

and now some pics of me on drugs:

and some pics of jancer making my heart melt:

love me a man who can burp a baby.


Sarah Jane said...

She is beautiful! Hope you guys are doing good!

Thistles Home & Gift said...

The picture of just you and her is too sweet!