Friday, June 22, 2012

grow up if you must, but don't ever lose your quirkiness. it's awesome.

miss kate:

you've developed some new habits lately.

you've become quite attach to certain items that are a bit strange.
for instance, you happen to adore your hairbrush.
you even cuddle in bed with it.

every friday you have show-and-tell at school.
normally you take a toy or a book to share and discuss.
today you took your hairbrush.

you don't like wearing shorts.
every day you proclaim 'i want to wear a dress or a skirt'.
fine by me sister, it's a vast improvement from the naked phase and the underwear-only phase.

you talk to evelyn in the highest, squeekiest voice imaginable
[and she loves it. big ole gummy grin every time].
'hi sweetie! did you wake up?' is the phrase we hear you constantly saying to her.
obviously you're watching and listening all we do and playing it back on repeat.
[guess it's time to stop using all those cuss words...]

this phase you're in is one of my favorites.
you've adjusted to having a sister and as long as i'm careful about dividing my time fairly,
you're typically a sweetheart.
most days you're cracking me up with your funny observations and silly questions.
i would like to request that the universe slows down time [just for a bit] so i can properly soak up your childlike wonder.
i love seeing the world through your eyes, it makes me feel like a kid again.


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