Friday, June 1, 2012

will we ever tire of instagram? prob not.

dear tomorrow-
[or i guess i should call it later today since it's already 0100]

i'm going to plead with you that you treat me kindly.
please allow me a nap before my shift so i can make up for the sleep i'm currently and stupidly depriving my body of.
but you see, it goes like this....

i can't seem to get anything done these days.
i'd rather be swimming with kate and forcing her to turn somersaults under the water,
or snuggling my sweet babe who cannot possibly be almost four months old already?!?!
i haven't been carving out much time for the bloggity-blog.
and that's great and all.... until i forget everything [because inevitably i will forget everything if it's not documented. [i asked jank the other day 'have we given talks yet in this new ward?'. he looked at me like i was craaaaazy. i took that as my answer in the affirmative. but now i'm curious as to what i spoke on? and did i talk for 30 minutes like i always do?? ugh brain, you suck]]

so here goes another epically long update.
and what's absolutely nutso is there sooo much more to come.
these pics are solely my iphone/instagram pics [follow me:: username jancers]
don't even get me started as to what's hiding on my canon's memory card.

we still eat way too much macdo's. especially when kate requests 'chicken, fren fries and a toy!' how does one say no to that?.... and evelyn still has majorly kissable cheeks. we like to squish them hourly. 

this is the 'mom get that camera outta ma face and feed me' look. she gives it to me a lot.... and one day i made panda bear cupcakes with kate [so easy! thanks pinterest!]. it made kate's day and relieved some of my mommy guilt over working so much.

 when yuma's hot and we're bored of the pool [doesn't happen often] we head to petsmart to spend an hour playing with the animals. it's better than the zoo.... and sometimes kate requests i swaddle her like baby e and put her in the crib. and i comply. but wouldn't you? too stinking cute.

i take waaaay too many pictures of us in the mirror..... and i'm still in love with how kate's curtains turned out. it took me 2 days and an emotional breakdown to get those stripes perfect and it was worth it. [perfectionist tendencies and lack of sleep- can you say bad combination?!?] 

 my daily breakfast. i've never felt so good but i sure miss my nutella eggo's..... and some snuggles on the couch while sucking that blasted finger. we've promised her a trip to the san diego zoo if she would please, please, please stop sucking it unless she's sleeping. and then i told her that if she persisted with the finger-sucking, her teeth would fall out and she wouldn't be able to talk or eat food. [should i prepare my mother-of-the-year acceptance speech now or later??]

hanging out pool-side. it's how we spend our days. and it's pretty rad.

jank and i only have 3 nights a week that we're home together due to work/church going-ons and the majority of those nights i'm ridiculously hung over from my night shift. so we cram a friday lunch date in while kate's at school. ev's allowed to tag along as long as she smiles at us and doesn't erupt spit-up on jank's work clothes..... and i've given up the princess dress battle. wear it to the store, i don't care anymore! but that crown might be a bit much.

 yuma's weather is on the up and up. 113 today...... and kate has a daily ritual of playing her fishy game which means i'm forced to squish my adult sized bum onto toddler sized chairs and play with her for what seems like forever. and i wouldn't have it any other way.

jank's lunch breaks are 2 hours long. he likes to sneak in a siesta when he can.... and more swimming. because what else do you do when it's 100+ degrees?

nursing hasn't been going all that great for us. i just don't make enough milk so we're now supplementing with formula. evie gets about half of her feedings from me and the other half is good ole similac. i'm at peace with this situation- it's nice to not have her crying in hunger after feedings.... and this was jank's dinner the other night. someone called him chunky at work and he didn't take kindly to that. he's started running and watching his calories and i've started buying less macdo's. 

and props to those who survived the longwindedness that is so typical of my posts.
hope everyone has a great friday!


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Sarah Jane said...

You guys are so great! Love reading your posts! Your girls are adorable!