Tuesday, June 12, 2012

sometimes i put pillows in my baby's crib. and sometimes i feed my baby strawberry slushies.

miss evers:

you hit the 4 month milestone a few days ago [i just had to look at my calendar widget to confirm the date, man am i out of it today] so let's recap what you're up to:

::you still like to be swaddled when you sleep. but only if you're in your crib. the swaddle doesn't exist outside the 4 walls of your white baby prison [because that's really what cribs are, right?] we're trying to transition away from swaddling... you're getting too strong for your halo sleep sack and keep busting out of the velcro. it's very hulk-like. [did i just compare my sweet babe to an angry green mutant???]

:: you sleep 12 hours and wake in the morning perfectly content to lay in your crib sucking your hands and babbling to yourself. i love laying in bed and listening to your coo's and oooh's and aaaah's. 

::i have mucho mom guilt about your naps. it seems that your naps fall at extremely inopportune times [mostly when kate needs to go to or be picked up from school]. i'm always having to interrupt those precious naps and it makes me cringe every time i do it. you don't seem to mind though. you always wake up with a big ole gummy grin and that soothes some of my guilt.

::i pumped for the last time this morning. i just don't have anything left for you. sorry kiddo. i'm bummed about it too. you adjusted to bottle feeding without any problem and guzzle 8 oz every 3 hours. pretty sure you're going to be one chunky girl before too long. can't say i mind. i love me a chunky baby. 

:: and one of my favorite things about you is that you're not bothered by who's holding you. your sister was super particular about being held by me or your dad [annooooooying]. i love that i can pass you off to others when i need a moment sans baby. your grandma's and aunties are going to be thrilled about this fact when we go visit them in july.

love your smooshy cheeks and your beautiful blue eyes.

~your mama



Scott said...

Technically the Hulk isn't a mutant--he's a byproduct of a gamma radiation experiment gone horribly wrong...that being said, we are very excited your baby is healthy and growing and look forward to July!!!

Kerrianne said...

I think Evelyn and Steele need to have a little chat about sleeping through the night because he could learn a thing or two. Waking up every 3 hours just isn't doing it for me. So feel free to pass that secret along to the less fortunate :)