Thursday, June 28, 2012

swim lessons

miss mary:

when kate started swim lessons 2 weeks ago,
you told me that she would be swimming without assistance by the end of your classes.
'i'll believe it when i see it', i said.

well, i believe it now.
thanks for all your hard work.

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Pam said...

My name is Pam, ask Brandon and he will tell you who I am:) anyways, I ran into your mother in law who I absolutely love! She caught me at a rough time. I just vented all my frustrations on her. I just had a baby the same time you did and man alive, my emotions are out of control! My husband said to me the other night how sad it is for him to see me so depressed all the time! I truly feel so alone and that I am the only one who feels this darkness. It's hard on me to feel this way because I have a healthy beautiful family and help coming out of my ears, yet I still feel this emptiness that I don't know how to fix. I started to cry when I read your blog because what you described is exactly how I feel! Thank you so much for being honest. It lifted my spirits today. I will be following your blog. You have a beautiful family:)