Thursday, June 14, 2012

more from the iphone.

i spent last night working the triage desk. this allows me some time to sit and reflect [when i'm not  checking people in for the flu [i mean, really people?? vomiting for 6 hours does not require an ER visit. sheez.] i really enjoy the break triaging gives me. i still get to educate and help people but i'm not caught up in the hustle and bustle of carrying a team of 6 patients. and there's nothing quite like an empty waiting room. it's a thing of beauty. 

while i stared at the rows of empty chairs, i thought about how good life has been to me lately... or maybe i've finally learned to be a little more like a willow tree and less like an oak- bending with the wind, instead of resisting it. i'm not one to question the good fortunes of the universe so i'll just shut up and be content that my girls are rad, my husband is kind and that my soul is calm. 

in summary: life is good. i eat way too much sugar. and instagram still rocks.
the end.

morning walks with the girlies.... and afternoon tea parties.

a blankie on ev's face will calm her down if she's fussy [and it makes the RN inside me cringe but hey, it works]..... and just another 'mild' yuma day. crazy weatherman.

swim lessons for our little fish start monday- the goal is to be floatie-free [maybe that's a bit ambitious but you never know until you try... or drown]

baby smiles.... and a chocolate cake all for me since jank's on a diet [ahem, 'lifestyle change'. he's already lost inches from his waist. go janky!]

evie has perfected the kick and scoot technique and it's only a matter of time until she's too active for the swing [noooooooooo!].... and aden and anais burp clothes/bibs are amazing. especially when you have a kid that urps up 56,932 times a day. 

friday lunch date at ah-so sushi and steak. sushi is gross unto me so my meal was a bit boring.... but i fixed that with a gigantic ice cream concoction involving cake batter ice cream, brownies, sprinkles and hot fudge. love our day-dates.

ps. thanks mom for encouraging me all these years to be more willow-like. sorry it took me 29 years to figure out that you know what you're talking about. and sorry for all those times i rolled my eyes at you when i was a bratty kid. 

pps. and i know everyone is thinking it... that cake DOES look like a boob. 


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Kelli said...

I didn't think the cake looked like a boob until you mentioned it...I was thinking giant Hershey's Kiss. But know I can't get boob out of my head while looking at it.