Tuesday, February 26, 2013

birthday celebration

oh sweet girl.
i wish i had the proper words to describe the love we have for you.
you bring such joy to our lives.

happy birthday to our rolie-polie evie.
we love every gushie part of you
[especially those cheeks. i could nibble them forever]

you've now learned how to give hugs and maybe i request them every minute or so.
it can't be helped.
you're just so sweet.

you crawl over to us and lay your head on our lap and just lay there for a moment, allowing us to soak in the glory that is a one year old.
and when we hold you, we pat our chest and ask 'hug please?' and you willingly comply with a snuggle that melts our hearts.

i could gush about you forever,
but i won't.
just know your loved.
by all of us.
and most definitely by your big sis.
she adores you and was so sad yesterday when you didn't giggle like usual at her antics.
'mom! evie didn't laugh at me. she's not my best friend anymore??'
but then you chuckled and all was right in kate's world.
[thanks for fixing that quick. i wasn't in the mood for a meltdown]

happy birthday evie rue.

oh no! forced to eat cake. we are such mean parents.

1 comment:

kjhaskins said...

Looks like a memorable first birthday. My love to Evie!
Love Nana