Friday, February 15, 2013

vaca recap continues:: brock's wedding

brock and kandra-

congratulations again!
we wish a lifetime of love and happiness for you two.
can't wait to see you again-
your family will have doubled in size by then!
i vote kayla and kaylen for the babies' names.
[and yes that means i'm predicting a boy and a girl. if i'm right does that make me the best aunt ever?? i think so]

the jancers.

grandma and our darling niece jaiden-
who used to have long hair until her big bro ryken found a pair of scissors :(

evelyn hated most people that tried to hold her,
but matt [breanne's husband] apparently is the baby whisperer.

ahhh, that's the evie we know and love.

and quite possibly the WORST family picture we've ever taken.
bad lighting, pouty kid, baby slobbering on my necklace....
eh. it's like i always say-
at least we have proof that we were there and we were together.

i wish i had more pictures from the wedding...
but i was busy chasing kids around and chatting with family we don't see often enough.
and one of the best surprises was seeing peggy and john madsen [our good friend scooter's parents].
i just adore awesome people and those two are definitely top notch. 

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