Tuesday, February 19, 2013

vaca recap continues: snow day

we had the good fortune of enjoying a utah snowfall while we were in brigham city the day after brock's wedding. 
we got to have a snowball fight, build a [pint-size] snowman and go sledding. 
and by we, i mean kate and jank.
i hid behind the camera the majority of the time.
i'm just not that in love with the idea of snow shoved down my shirt.
and evelyn still wouldn't let anyone else hold her [little stinker]

so glad we could have a snow day before we went scurrying back to the desert.
 nephew brysaac rocking the missing teeth.
 jank's dad and cousin mia [these kids are californians and had never played in the snow before]
somehow this snowball fight ended up a little one-sided. uncle michael against the world
[pretty sure he won. atta boy!]

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