Saturday, February 23, 2013

here's what our valentine's day looked like.

dear month of january:

it has been decided that you need a holiday to help perk your month up.
your such a let down after christmas. 
your whole month just drags on and on.
i know you have NYE and all that hub-bub but that whole celebration just gets lumped in with christmas.  
you need something, i tell ya.
maybe i'll create one next year just to get us through the january blahs.

all that to say-
we love valentines day!
a day to celebrate love. and red and pink and glittery things.
i'm ok with all that.
february seems such a joy after january's bleakness.

plus it's just another excuse to bake up some goodies- 
which my coworkers are always thankful for. 
nothing says 'let's go intubate!' like a sprinkled cupcake

[this chalkboard is in bb's kitchen and i'm still trying to decide how to steal it without her noticing]

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