Thursday, February 21, 2013

vaca recap finishes: camden's blessing day

camden samuel:

hello sweet baby boy.
our newest favorite nephew
[they're all our favorites really. we're liberal with our love-giving around here]

you're really a blessed person.
born into a wonderful family who adore you.
your sister liz is one of sweetest children i know.
and your brother harrison is so energetic and fun-loving;  you two are going to stir up so much mischief for your parents :)

your parents are two of my most favorite people.
honest, hard-working, dedicated and so very very good.
right down to their toes.
these kind of people are hard to find so i hope you appreciate them and let them sleep an entire night sometime soon.
you're going to have a lifetime of adventures and love.
it's going to be a great.

glad we could meet you little guy.
keep on growing, evie needs a chubby cousin.
someone to share a jiggly belly-laugh with.

see you soon.


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Sarah Jane said...

Oh, Brittany has such a cute family!