Thursday, November 11, 2010

haven't you always wondered what diaper cream tastes like?


if it's pictures you want, then it's pictures you'll get.

i haven't synced my camera or phone in a few days so here's what i've been hoarding and not sharing:

you know when you're toddler goes into stealth mode she's doing something wrong...
i found her in the bathroom eating desitin cream.
and no i didn't stop her because i wanted some photos first.

love that my kid picks the expensive fruit to love.
she ate half the carton for dinner.

kate's awesome mohawk post-nap.

this must have been a day when she actually slept.
today she fake-napped for 40 minutes.
not cool.
i need at least 90 minutes to recharge for the afternoon.
or "round 2" as i like to call it.

she thinks she's hilarious.
i agree.

"i just need to rest my eyes for a sec" he said at 8 o'clock
he asked me to wake him in 20 minutes.
i didn't and he hasn't stirred since.
(he'll thank me in the morning)

ps. remember when i was just a little tyke and i had that really annoying high, screechy voice? i fear katers inherited it. she LOVES to shriek. pretty sure the downstairs neighbors loathe us. just you wait...... see you in 2 weeks! 



sarahbrasher said...

That is funny, Scott does the same thing. He will lay down and say I just need to rest for one second and then he is out for the rest of the night. I wish I could sleep as well as he does!

Nana said...

THANK YOU.....I love the pics!