Tuesday, November 16, 2010

someday those boys will understand


saturday afternoon.
one of my favorite things to do is watch kate fall asleep.
i'm kind of addicted to it.

today a coworker who shall remain nameless (jesse) said to me "man, i never want to be a mom!"
i didn't take offense.
in fact, i almost agreed.
at that exact moment he was helping me haul a heavy box into work while i juggled a squirming kate who kept pulling her hat off, a very full bag, a blankie, a stethescope, and the ever important elmo book.
i'm sure i looked all sorts of disorganized which is unfortunate because i actually felt like i had it together.

we were headed into staff meeting and i was more than a little nervous about taking the kiddo to an hour-long meeting about budgets, charting and infectious disease protocols.
lucky for me, two other coworkers brought their babies as well.
and let me tell you those two kids were all the distraction katers needed.
they played, giggled, fake coughed, smacked and ate their way through the meeting.
and kate left her super-cute hat on the entire time so no one saw her nasty sweaty nap scraggly hair.

for dinner we pigged out on chicken and potatoes.
yes, kate ate.
it rocked.
and then we danced to some glee tunes.
her new favorite thing is to bounce and spin in circles until she gets dizzy.
then she purposely crashes into some furniture and falls to the ground in happy hysterics.

before the staff meeting began i had the opportunity to talk with a coworker (not jesse) about families.
he told me he and his wife were thinking of having a baby soon.
i shared with him a small tidbit of mommy wisdom i gleaned from a movie.
"parenthood is awful, awful, awful and then it's awesome. and those awesome moments make everything else worth it"
he just laughed.
i'm sure he thought i was kidding.
but i wasn't.

being a parent is tough.
most of my day is dedicated to the demands of a toddler.
i rarely get to shower without someone clamoring for "BUBBLES!"
i have to sit in time-out with my katers and watch her cry.
i never feel well-rested or accomplished.

but then those awesome moments come (thank heavens they come) and it truly makes it all worth it.