Tuesday, November 9, 2010

it's all in the eyes


yesterday you had your 18 month check up with dr. lindgren.
he's awesome.
he got on the floor and played with you.
he even put your blankie on his head and got his hair all messed up just to see you smile.

you weigh 20# and 1 oz. 
we can officially/legally/guilt-free turn your car seat around now.
(let's not tell dr L that it's been turned around for 6.5 months)
you're 32.5 inches tall which makes you tall and tiny.
but we already knew that.

dr L asked if i had any concerns about you.
i told him you don't like food.
he said my job is to buy and prepare the food and your job is to eat it.
and not to worry if you don't.
that's why we like him- he tells us not to worry about the things we can't change.

he always proclaims how much he likes your cautiousness.
this is the real reason we love dr L.
some people act like your caution is a negative thing.
he points out how it is a positive thing.
he makes me feel good about my parenting and about you.

playing at G&G hansen's in september

so it's ok if you don't smile for most people
(although you stole the show at dinner last night- you had us all giggling with your silliness)
it's ok that you don't love nursery yet.
it's ok that it takes you a little bit to warm up to people.
it's what makes you, you.
and we love you despite it and because of it.



tiff snedaker said...

What a GOOD ped. I think there are too many that freak out way too easily about things. She's thriving, happy, and will eat when she's hungry, lol. And the skinny thing? I think she might get that from her mom. ;)
Cautious is good. We've been on the other end of the spectrum and I've gotten to the point where I don't care. Other people will get after my boys because they are afraid they will fall, or don't want them to climb on things. I say - let them explore and climb. If they are going to break their arm, they are.
Love the picture of Kate you posted too. So so cute. Could we arrange a marriage when she gets older?

Sarah Jane said...

Can I just tell you I still have a hard time feeding my 3 year old! And she is extremely shy around people she doesn't know. So no worries! Your Kate is adorable!

Thistles Home & Gift said...

LOVE that picture of kate! That was just what I needed at the end of a long day! Miss that girl!

Kelli said...

She did steal the show. She's quite a tease.