Thursday, November 11, 2010

let the coat and hat wearing begin

readers of this blog:

i have three options of what to write about-

1. i could whine about my no-good, very bad, horrible day that included tantrums that lead to vomit (this is what i want to do)
2. i could pay tribute to the few good things that happened today, like chocolate treats from a friend and happening upon this website (this is what i should do)
3. i could say nothing and leave you with this pic of kate and i leaving the library with a new elmo dvd in tow.

love the death grip on my finger.
and the chubby cheek poking out from under the hat

i choose 3.
and i'm sure you're all thankful.
you've heard enough vomit stories to last a lifetime.



Kelli said...

I think you should have blogged about how I charmed Kate into sitting on my lap with my iPhone. :)And to Miss, I didn't slip her any cash.

Nana said...

I can hardly wait to come and see you and help out. Also, I am glad you decided to blog about number 3 - it is my favorite thing to read about and I love seeing her pictures. I especially love seeing all the cute outfits you have on Miss Kate

Nana said...

You could of blog about the website - it has some very cute the eclectic room for Rylie or the hanging bed idea. What kid wouldn't want these rooms!?