Monday, November 22, 2010

let the indoor activities begin


just wanted to send a quick thank you your way for the fun day last week at discovery gateway!
it was a much needed change in our daily activities.
normally, this is how kate stimulates her brain:

she's a sorter and an organizer and she loves to simply move items from room to room.
it's hilarious to watch.
i was happy to hear that your toddler does it too.
(it's always nice to hear that your kid is normal)

 love that kate found the one elmo book in the whole place. i had to hide it after awhile

kate sorting the garden and working in the construction zone

i was bummed i didn't snap any pictures of the "ball beehive" or whatever it's called.
that was obviously the toddler fav.
pretty sure kate exclaimed "ball, ball, ball" for 30 minutes straight.
so easy to please.

meet krew. kate's future man. dibs!

thank you again for taking us.
it was awesome.
once the move is over (augh) let's get the kiddo's together again.



Tyrel said...

Krew and Kate 2028 WOOT WOOT!! He will be a great husband, if he learns how to stop hitting. Thanks for playing with us! Let us know if you need help with the move. (and by us, I mean Jack) :)

The Leeflangs said...

Oh, looks like we missed out on some friend fun!!! :( We miss getting together with the school gang! maybe next return visit we'll have to plan something!