Wednesday, November 24, 2010

silent night, soul-stirring night

welcome mr winter!

ready for the blizzard

i've missed you mr winter.
i've missed your magic of snow falling.
i love how quiet and bright the world is after your snowstorms.

i guess it's kind of like life right now-
we're in the middle of a storm but shortly it will pass.
this time next week we will be moved and unpacked, jank will have completed 
the proposal for his masters project and his surgery rotation will be over.

he warned me tonight that december will be as bad as november (school wise)
i told him not to worry because i have christmas music to listen to.
that always makes me smile
(i've been listening since halloween- can't help myself)

keep bringing the snow mr winter-
i need the stillness and the beauty.


i sit typing this at 1:00 am while my loves sleep.
i keep looking out my office window and marveling at the silent world-
interrupted only briefly by the snow plows clearing the parking lot.
i'm going to miss this place.
this is where i became a mom.
this is where kate learned to walk and talk.
this is where i struggled and conquered.

(and now i'm choked up and need to snuggle my man)


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Sarah Jane said...

I<3 christmas music too! I can't help myself, and did hold off until after Halloween this year, and am so loving it!