Saturday, November 6, 2010

warning: it's a long one

i interrupt this nap time to bring you a jancer family update.

right this very second katers is curled up in the top left corner of her crib (her fav spot) and mr jancer is curled up on the couch. he had to be at the hospital early this morning and is now resting his exhausted body. but at least he's home! one of my favorite sounds in the whole world is the sound of his keys unlocking our door. makes my day.

i should be packing or cleaning or showering. but those things aren't very fun so i'm putting them off because i'd rather write. it's been a few days since i've taken the time to put thoughts to keyboard and i've missed it.

so here comes the update:

kate's had a bad week. 
6 new teeth decided to join the party. 
i know, more teeth??? 
you're sick of hearing about it and you're thinking- doesn't she have 15 too many by now?! 
but nope, she's finally cutting the top molars and all incisors. 
super fun. 
eating and sleeping have been daily struggles. 
and when miss kate suffers, we all suffer. 
i've been rocking her in the night and getting up before the sun and feeding her nothing but milk. 
"mo mil" (more milk, if you don't speak toddler) was uttered a total of 146,783 times on thursday. 
ok, i exaggerate. 
but not really.

but without the bad, we don't appreciate the good. 
isn't that what people say?

so off to the parks we went to enjoy the good.
we visited the ducks and geese at sugarhouse park, which was only slightly terrifying.
they circled and honked and threatened to eat kate's fingers.
i thought kate would be traumatized but it turns out she loves her "doggies"

 isn't that view a-maz-ing?? i love sugarhouse

thankfully, kate seems to have returned to normal.
today she slept until 8:23 am and ate a hearty breakfast.
and because it's the month of thanks, indulge me in one more gratitude-
i'm also thankful that kate didn't turn into martian kate this time around.
it was bad but it wasn't that bad.

jank's been consumed by school this week.
my favorite thing he said: "my resident acts like christina yang"
thank you to the mr for knowing who christina yang is and for acting like she's a real person.
you win my heart.

last night was date night.
that included birthday shoe shopping for jank and dinner at zupas.
i think i died.
i had an ultimate grilled cheese panini which truly was ultimate and the mushroom bisque soup.
the leftovers are in my fridge and as soon as i'm done here, i'm digging in.

bless the drug rep who gifted us "free meals". i love you and this amazing chocolate dessert.
thank you!

that completes the update.
i hope you all enjoy your extra hour of sleep tonight.
don't worry about me, i'll be working 13 hours but only be getting paid for 12 of it.
i think i'll sleep extra long tomorrow to make up for it.
oh how i love sundays!


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Scott said...

mo mil--love it!