Monday, January 31, 2011

a post for mr. red

what scootchies wants, scootchies gets and today he demanded a new blog post.
i haven't taken a decent picture in days so all you get is my rambling thoughts.....

CONGRATS to our dear friend mr red.

first comes love [don't freak out cuz i said the L word. it's ok, we're all adults now]
then comes a job [cache valley's job market suuuuuucks so we're super excited for you ],
then comes a destination wedding [so the jancers can take a much needed vaca]

so hurry up mr red and get on that knee.
i really hope amy is reading this- she needs to be aware of my awkward honesty.

and now on to some ramblings...

it was cloudy and snow fell this morning.
i woke up exhausted- a work hangover from a blasted 14 hour shift.

jank was home today which was great-
i love having him in the apartment.
even if all he does is work on his master's presentation.
at least i can say "peanut, go tell your daddy you're stinky and need a change"
[insert evil laugh here]

i watched 2 hours of the bachelor tonight and then fell asleep on the couch.
not exactly a productive evening.
at least i made coconut-walnut brownies.
not sure if that's productive or counter-productive?

this month jank is doing his ER rotation.
[not in my ER- one a few blocks away. his ER gets traumas and burns. we get drunks and psych]
his shifts are mostly swing or night shifts so he'll be home a lot during the day.
hope he likes pretzels for lunch and watching tarzan 15 times a day!

is that enough random thoughts for you mr red?
are you bored of me?
i am.

good night.



Jamie Page said...

PLEASE tell MR. RED congratulations for me! I am super excited that he had found LOVE.

Scott said...

HAHA--that is funny stuff right there. You forgot to talk about pizza, but that's ok--I'm just glad you made a post. Thanks Kayla!