Tuesday, March 1, 2011

special delivery

UPS man:

thanks for the package-
you made our day.

kate loved the cardboard box and the air-filled plastic bags. [totally safe toddler toy]
and i loved the contents of the box-
dresses for summer since i look weird in shorts but refuse to wear pants in the heat.
i think skirts and dresses are going to be my new best friends.

it's hard to find a dress that is suitable for chasing a kid
AND one that requires nothing but the dress itself.
no shirts or tanks underneath, thank you very much.
summers are hot enough without layers. yuck.

target.com had lots of options so in usual fashion i bought $300 worth of dresses.
um yeah, jank freaked out the first time i did this [in the early years of our marriage]
now he's used to how i shop.
and he agrees it's a much simpler way.
i end up returning the majority of it -did you really think i kept it all?
and i don't have to deal with kate running out of a dressing room when i have no pants on and cannot chase her [funny in hindsight, miserable in real time]

many thanks UPS man for bringing us joy today.
come back often.

ps. i don't see this instagram addiction ending anytime soon. my apologies if you think it's annoying.

1 comment:

tiff snedaker said...

What a good idea to get a whole bunch and then keep your favorites. Smart woman. I like the Kate in the box. Pretty good entertainment. You, look funny in shorts? I refuse to believe it, but I am curious to see what you got. How about a second post?