Tuesday, June 7, 2011


it's official.
come august [exact date TBD] we will be arizonians.
which means i need to burn all our long sleeve shirts and sweaters,
because we won't need them where we're going.
[just kidding, i could never part with my cardi's]

us on harry's blessing day. hate the thought of missing him grow up.

yesterday jancer mailed his signed contract to yuma.
where's yuma, you ask?
oh, about 5 minutes from mexico and ten minutes from california.
for the next two years we will call the scorching desert home.

things i'm looking forward to:
play dates in mexico
plenty of weekend trips to san diego [only 2 hours away]
kate learning to say 'border patrol' and 'scorpion'
328+ days of sunshine a year.
no more accruing debt!

why yuma, you ask?
the government has agreed to repay the majority of jank's school loans-
as long as he fulfills a two year work commitment.
now, that's not half bad.

the last few days have been stressful.
the decision was relatively easy, but the logistics of it all have me stressed.
in true kayla fashion, i've processed about half my concerns, shoved the other half deep inside my brain  and then picked up a book.
i like to lose myself in another world for a few days.
a highly successful [yet completely unproductive] coping technique.

thanks to everyone for the support.
it makes us sad to leave utah, our family and friends.
but you can all visit us this winter when you get sick of mountains of snow.

now, i'm off to find a house to rent with a pool.....


Sarah Jane said...

Sad day! Good luck with everything! That's awesome that you can get student loans paid off though!

Kate said...

i can not wait to post something similar to this...now if we can just make it work!! Congrats you guys...so happy for you and jealous that you have a for sure job!Dont even get me started on the logistics of things....we are the same that way so I know you know how i feel!! again congrats and crossing our fingers we can possibly be neighbors!!

Kelli said...

I say Boo...and Hooray at the same time. I have a feeling that the Triple K's will be fewer and far between with this venture. However, I'm really excited for you and this new phase. I hope the pool works out because then in the dead of Utah winter, you know where the Triple K will be held!!!

Sarah said...

Woohoo how exciting! I love AZ, it is so different than MN. Now you can have a cactus in your yard! That would be totally cool!

Oh and I wanted to tell you about my picture frame that you commented on in instagram. I actually made that with your brother. I bought it out of the back of an old antique shop and it was brown chipped wood and a piece of crap. It was like 10 bucks then I got home and Brandon came over and we spray painted it gold and staple gunned some wire mesh to the back of it. Then I huge it with wire. It was to hang my earrings on but now I just like to keep it mostly empty.

Anyways, excited for you guys!

Tyrel said...

YAY you have a job!!!! aaahhhhh, soo excited for you!!! But super sad we won't be joining you. :( I am glad you are going though, soooo worth it.

Diane Hansen said...

We're so proud of you!!! Love you so much!!

tiff snedaker said...

Wowzers! Congrats and I'm sure it will be an exciting move. Think of ALL that sunshine...how nice!

Everton's said...

Just think of all the things you can buy really cheap like real vanilla. I might need you to send me a case of vanilla. I will miss you. I need to make the trek to Salt Lake before you move.