Thursday, June 30, 2011

don't be jealous of my glamorous life

jordan landing shopping center,

yesterday it was 90 degrees.
rain fell at random times but never lasting for more than 5 minutes.
and the wind was blowing hard enough to knock down my 24 pound child.

all this lead me in desperation to you.
lizamagoos, katers and i stopped by chick-fil-a, pet-smart and walmart.
[told ya my life is glamorous]

pet-smart was definitely the highlight.
sloooooowly kate is getting over her fear of dogs.
it only took her 5 minutes to realize the dogs couldn't get through the glass.
and then it was a free-for-all of toddlers running into the glass and dogs barking.
good times.

ps. dear kate, you don't always have to be so worried when we visit a new play-land. you should try playing instead of standing in one spot and watching the other kids play. i bet it would be a lot more fun for you. [but still, i love your scaredy-cat ways]


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