Tuesday, June 14, 2011

public parks are crucial when living with a toddler in a 900 sq foot apartment with no yard

liberty park,

i told myself that during this last utah summer i would branch out and visit more parks than just sugarhouse park.
but sometimes i get stuck in a rut [and new/different playgrounds frighten miss kate] so it took me awhile to visit you.
but i'm sure glad we did.

today we packed the picnic basket full of semi-healthy food and spent the evening enjoying the gorgeous weather.
jank and i both agreed that your park is one of the prettiest we've ever seen.
the lake, the rolling green hills, the trees... it all added up to a picture-perfect outing.

for dinner kate had grapes, water and chips.
and then she played with her bubbles for about an hour.
pretty sure my child is in love with summer.

thanks for the perfect picnic,
the jancers


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