Thursday, June 16, 2011

i can't stop smiling. it's the weather. i can't help it.

yesterday, after swimming but before a softball game. good times.


welcome to summertime.
it's the best.

the days are full of sun, swimming and running free.
at night, you'll be asleep before you head hits the pillow-
and you'll sleep more soundly than ever before.
it really is the greatest time of the year.

i wish for you the same wonderful childhood summers that i had.
this is the time when you get to be carefree and ridiculously happy.
soak it up little one.

i can't wait to introduce you to the ice cream truck, the splash pad at liberty park and ladybugs.
[although i'm pretty sure you'll cry when a bug crawls on you]
baby girl, this summer is going to be amazing.



Thistles said...

So glad she got a little nap in. There will be many of these days, hopefully!

Thistles said...

Every time Liz sees this picture she yells "Wake-up Kate!" really loud until I switch the page:)