Monday, June 13, 2011

good thing the san diego zoo is only 2 hours from yuma


thanks for helping with kate today-
she sure loves to hold your hand.
sorry she called you zoë half the time.
and thanks for showing us all the dinosaurs at the zoo and for telling us their proper names-
sorry that they terrified miss kate.

you were right, the playground and the water ball near the exit were the most fun.
at least kate certainly thought so.

isn't this how every summer outing should end? soaking wet and driving home in only a diaper.

tell your mom thanks for taking us.
let's do it again soon!




Thistles said...

Looks like a perfect day for the zoo!
They could seriously just have the water ball and that would be enough for the kids!

Tyrel said...

kayla and kate,
when we see you sometime again can we go to the playground? And thanks for going to the zoo with us. My favorite part about the zoo was also the playground.
zoe (havyn)