Wednesday, June 8, 2011

before you read: please know no one was badly injured

dearest people who drive past our apartments:

let's go ahead and slow it down a bit, ok?

kate and i were playing at our complex's playground when we heard a fire engine.
kate immediately imitated the siren and i clapped like an idiot at her [obvious] geniusness.
then i realized we were hearing more than just one siren.
i quickly packed us up and we went in search of the problem.
this is what we found-

the flipped car was t-boned while trying to pull out.
no one was seriously injured [i was being a nosy bystander and asked lots of questions- would you expect anything less from me?]
but they had to use all sorts of interesting equipment to extricate the driver.
what make my stomach drop was seeing a toddler car seat laying on the ceiling of the car.
thank heavens no children were in the car at the time.
but i couldn't help but imagine if that were us and kate had been with me.
thankfully, she was right by my side [so i could hug and kiss her and tell her how much i love her] playing with rocks and sticks while i took pictures of the wreckage.

the craziest part was how little damage was done to the other car.
it looked like it had just rear-ended someone, not t-boned and flipped a car.
it's scary to think how quickly life can change.

so, let's all take a lesson from this unfortunate scene.
i agree to slow down and mind the speed limit.
i'll try to be more courteous to other drivers and not honk at them so much.
and how about everyone who drives a car within 10 miles of my precious child, here and now agrees to drive 10 mph under the speed limit.


ps. major props to the EMS crews who worked quickly and efficiently. i was impressed.



Everton's said...

Um.. Is your child wearing suspenders?

rebecca said...

oh sheesh. good reminder. i love how your pics are very LAW AND ORDER. hilarious.