Thursday, June 23, 2011

what a day is like at our house


life just keeps getting busier and crazier.
with so many changes headed our way, it's easy to become overwhelmed.
thank heavens we have you to keep us sane.
your routine is what keeps us [somewhat] organized and happy-

you walk into our room and say 'kate boke up' [you always refer to yourself in third person. always] then you try to hand me my glasses and say 'up mommie'. i fake sleep so that you'll go to your dad's side of the bed and bug him. he lifts you into bed and we all snuggle for about 2 minutes. unless you turn a movie on and then we're guaranteed a 20 min snuggle. heaven.

movies, books, breakfast, a walk in the park if i'm feeling awake enough, possibly a visit to the library or grocery store. but honestly, our mornings are super lazy due to my inability to fully awaken before noon.

naptime!!! lately you've been sleeping for 3 hours. i almost don't know what to do with all that quiet time. almost. i blog, nap, read, clean, makes lists to keep us organized. pretend i'm going to work out but never do.

lunch, showers, swimming, outdoor time, errands. every day is different depending on the weather/your mood/if i worked the night before.

daddy comes home. you stand on the bench by the big window and yell 'hi daddddeeeee' as loudly as possible. we play, talk about our day, eat dinner [we eat, you just sit there]. then your dad takes the scooter out for a spin while i anxiously pace the apartment. he comes back in one piece and we play until bedtime.

bedtime varies depending on the day. most days it's 1930 [we love that you go to sleep so early]. a few stories are read, prayers are said, i tickle your back [if you'll let me] while you count to ten- one, two, tree, pour, bibe, sis, seben, eight, nine, TEN! then i kiss you a bazillion times until you say 'no more mommie'. oh how i love your squishy cheeks. and then i walk out of your room as you yell 'ni-night!' to me.

we watch tv, clean up the house, your dad studies while i catch up on the bachelorette... and almost every nite around 2300 your dad says 'i'm going to go wake kate up so i can play with her. i miss her.' 

peanut butter, we love you more each day.
thanks for keeping us grounded during this time of stress and change.
i don't know what we ever did without you.

thank the heavens i have your little body to hug tightly.
a kiss and a hug from you are all i need when i'm feeling overwhelmed.


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~johnny becky hazel~ said...

I think your days are great! And your family pics are amazing; both models and photographer!!