Thursday, September 1, 2011

dear walmeezy-
[more frequently called walmart by people who don't nickname everything]

sometimes visiting you is a necessity.
although i really don't enjoy it.
you're always crowded
and you're too large to get in and out of in 10 minutes.

but sometimes you surprise me.
like when i found a 6 pack of neon striped socks for kate and left jank in mid-sentence so i could scoop them up [he's so tolerant of my rudeness]

now the question is how do i convince my suddenly opinionated 2 yr old that she doesn't need to wear socks in 110 degree heat??

thanks walmizzle!


1 comment:

Kelli said...

Is there no Target in Yuma? Oh, you poor girl. When I do get around to making a visit to Arizona, I will definitely bring you bags of good from Target and some popcorn. Although, by the time I get there, the popcorn will probably be stale.