Tuesday, September 20, 2011

not doing so great.

miss kate-

today you're running a fever of 101.
your patience is minimal and your tantrums are enormous.
you haven't slept well in days despite our best efforts [benadryl. lots of benadryl]

this morning you demanded milk, milk, some more milk and snow white-
i happily obliged.
you drank 4 sippys and crashed on the couch.
i hope you sleep for hours and wake up perfectly happy and healthy.

i'm hoping this is just another bout of teething.
i don't even want to think about it being something worse because that means you can't go to daycare.
and that means i won't sleep these next three days in between my shifts.
and that means i will die.
this is me being selfish for a moment.
please get better. and quickly.

also, i love you and hate seeing you sad.
hang in there little one.
this too shall pass.




Oh, poor little thing. Oh how I hope she gets better, and that you'll get sleep too!

Thistles Home & Gift said...

23 Days...you can do it! Sending you a great big hug and hoping Kate gets better quick!