Saturday, September 17, 2011

sometimes all you need is a moment to pause and reflect. i need to remember this.

i just woke up and i'm still a little tired so bear with me if this doesn't make sense.

last night was the first shift where i didn't feel like i had made the worst decision of my life.
going back to work full-time in an unorganized, crowded and vintage [by which i really mean gheeeettttooo!] ER has not been the most awesome thing i have ever done.
i miss my coworkers.
i miss knowing the ins and outs of a workplace.
oh how i hate being new.

but then last night happened.
and i got to save a life.
and hold the hand of a very scared patient and offer words of comfort.
and it felt so good.

i think the shift was such a good one because i read something inspiring before i went to work 
[which let's be honest i never do. usually i'm running late and forgetting my snacks.... i require a lot of snacks. a ridiculous amount actually]
i was preparing my talk for sunday [ugh. ugh. ugh]
and i happened upon a sentence that was meant for soul.
and i cried.
happy tears.
it was as if someone took a great ball of heat and comfort and love and shoved it into my heart.
and that feeling has stayed with me since [along with some annoyingly persistent heartburn]

and that's all i have for words today.
i have to go work on what i'm going to say on sunday when i have to address a crowd about 'focus and priorities'.
let's be honest, i have neither focus nor priorities nor speaking skills.
should be a good time.

ps. the weather is changing down here in ole mexicano. the humidity is waning and the temps were under 100 [they were 99. but still] for the last few days. hallelujah for fall!


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Kelli said...

Oh Miss Kayla. How I miss you. Only you can write something so heartfelt and then inject such honest truth about actual heartburn. I love it so. I can hardly wait until I have enough time off to come on a roadtrip to mexicano.