Wednesday, September 7, 2011

get ready for some serious photo overload. you've been warned.

thanks to instagram for making my iphone2 pics look halfway decent.
when is the iphone5 going to drop????
the jancers need new phones!

and onto the photo overload.
let's do this!

woody was a farewell gift from jank's sister breanne and he hasn't left kate's side since.
she even took him to daycare for show and tell last friday.
thanks breanne.

loading the uhaul in brigham city with all the furniture we stored at my inlaws.

kate got to ride in the front seat of the uhaul from brigham [we sold jank's car to his little brother so we're down to one car now] to slc- it felt so weird to have her sitting in front with us.

vegas baby! call us freaks but we really liked it there.

either starting to show or eating waaaaay too much fast food.

how i survived US 95.

US 95 [worst road in the history of my travels]

what our freezer looked like for almost a week.

our cute little yuma house.

future= baby jank's room. present= a colossal mess.

the hot water pipe we put a nail in.... 3 days after we moved in.
this pic deserves a post of it's own- 
we didn't know where our water shut off was so we had quite a big mess to clean up.
the plumber fixed it for free [i think he felt bad for us]- yuma people rock!

project numero uno- taking down the green blinds.

jank exhausted from unpacking.

 reading a book for fun for the first time in 28 months.

helmet shopping- i had to beg him not to get the gold sparkly one.
sometimes i wonder if i know him at all.

clouds! in yuma!

great mexican restaurant with awesomely mexican artwork.

kate's first day of daycare- she whimpered a few times and then was done [didn't cry once all day!].
i teared up a little but didn't lose it like i thought i would. 
the teachers say she is doing great and they all comment on how mellow she is.
and look! she's smiling!

no fear of the water in her anymore- a little terrifying for us.
thank goodness or pool is completely gated off from the house and yard.

yuma nights are wonderful.

froggie backpack she picked out for school- she wears it whenever she can around the house.
it makes me a little sad to see how old she looks with it on.

cannot express how grateful i am that she has taken so readily to daycare/preschool- 
it makes going to work 3 x's a week and leaving her almost bearable. 
we stopped by the school today to pay tuition and she cried because we couldn't stay and play.

love love love love our pool.

watching the rain pour down from our bedroom. 
such a nice change to have rain!

our fun little scooter.

new yuma-approved jammies- 
no more footed fleece ones when it's 80 degrees in the house.

and that's where i'm stopping tonight.
i think i'm caught up on all the major and minor happenings so i can stop stressing about it.
blogging is going to have to take a back burner for now.
[although i hate not updating frequently because i know i'll forget all the little things]

i'll be honest- work is kicking my butt.
my feet, legs and back have never hurt so much [although that could also be pregnancy related].
we knew this year would be a hard one full of adjustments and stress-
but i'm a little more overwhelmed than i thought i would be.

i know life will settle down soon and my body will readjust to working 3 nights a week.
but until then i'm going to neglect hanging pictures on the walls and instead snuggle with miss kate on the couch while watching disney movies [the new favorite is princess and the frog].
it's amazing how much she soothes my soul.

and now i'm off to bed to get a foot rub from my love.
thanks heavens for him.



Sarah said...

I love your house! I miss living where there are palm trees. If only global warming could kick in a little more in hopes that NY could get some of those trees :)

Photos look great and Miss Kate is an adorable dresser! Love her style.

Keep up the hard work lady, things will calm down and soon you will be missing the chaos....well maybe miss it a little.

Kerrianne said...

Looks like an adventure so far. I know it must be stressful, but I admire the way you are handling such a big change. We moved 3 days straight and my feet would kill me after standing for just 10 mins. Pregnancy sure does make moving more interesting! I hope we see you soon! I can't wait to visit, your house( I bet you love hearing that one!) looks lovely!
Hugs and kisses to miss Kate from uncle Brandon and auntie KiKi :)

Unknown said...

I am putting in a vote for the gold glittering one.

Tyler said...

2 votes for the gold glittering one because I know that Brittany likes it too.

Sarah Jane said...

great pics, looks like a super fun house! Good luck with everything, and you are super tiny btw!