Thursday, September 29, 2011

who guessed it was a boy?

you would be wrong. it's a little girl in there.

21 weeks and still craving mashed potatoes

baby jancer-

hey there little girl.
hope you're doing well.
according to your ultrasound you're doing great and growing big and strong.

thanks for being so cooperative on monday-
although we should probably discuss how to sit like a lady at some point.
that was quite a show you gave us.

your dad and i weren't surprised when the doctor confirmed your gender.
somehow we just knew you would be a little girl.
and we couldn't be happier with the news.

you are so much squirmier than your big sis.
two nights ago i couldn't sleep so i got out the laptop and laid in bed watching my shows on hulu while i felt you kick and dance inside me.
it was pretty dang awesome.

your dad and i keep wondering if your squirminess is indicative of your energy level?
will you be our wild child?
will you be the one that requires us to lock all the cupboards and secure the tv?
[like we should've already done but didn't really need to so we didn't]

i keep checking my temperature at work because i'm convinced i'm running a fever all the time.
you've got me cooking little one.
pregnancy combined with yuma's heat has me wishing for snow.
maybe we could dial back the internal furnace sometime soon?

lastly, could you give us some hints on what to name you?
we are clueless.
your dad suggested agnes the other night. or was it alma?
i can't remember [you've stripped me of brain cells rather quickly]
i punched him and requested he not present any names to me unless he is quite serious about them.

loving you more each day baby girl.

your mama

ps. who has a girl name they want to share with me so i can steal it???



hmullin said...

If we have a girl is is Eleanor for sure... also I have been so hot this time around too. Not sure what it is but I am always thinking that I have a fever!! Maybe that means we are having a girl as well:)

tiff snedaker said...

Awww.. congrats. That belly pic of you is quite cute.
I love the names Maggie and Violet. But if we ever have a girl, she will be Nova. A bit on the different side, but it's simple and easily pronouncable.

Sarah said...

Yay!!! So excited for you and your family!!

Scott said...


Scott said...
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You're super cute and still just as hilarious. Sorry about the heat, but happy that you're having a girl!!

Jamie Page said...

Woot! Woot! for pink!!!!

Kerrianne said...

Yay! Another niece for us! We are really excited. I told Brandon this morning and he was surprised, he thought for sure there would be a round of boys for everyone. I'll still keep you all guessing :)

Sarah Jane said...

Yeah for girls! Both of our poor hubs will be way out numbered! You are so tiny too! So the name that I LOVE that my hubs will NOT let me us is Harper. Oh and I LOVE Olivia too, but again he won't go for it! Good Luck and i'm so happy for you!

Tyrel said...

My vote it for Pippa..... Kate and Pippa worked well for the Middletons. I am sure it will turn out just as well for the jancers.