Wednesday, September 14, 2011

my mother was never opposed to sugary cereal. i thank her for that.


tonight you learned two very important things:

1. cereal for dinner is completely acceptable when you're tired from a busy day of school, swimming and singing along to the veggie tales movie.

2. how to properly slurp the leftover milk after all the cereal is gone- the best part of eating cereal in my humble opinion.

so glad i'm taking the time to teach you these life skills.
someday you'll thank me.

ps. super proud of you for choosing cheerios over golden crisp [that also means there's more sugary goodness for me to chow down on during the survivor season premiere. so thanks little one]


1 comment:

Tyrel said...

way to go Kate! I take offense at people who don't enjoy good ole fashioned cereal flavored milk. I tell them to bag it up and send it to me, I will like it and enjoy it!
Cereal is the best!