Friday, September 30, 2011

it's always nice to have a friend around.

dear hess'-

so glad you decided to move to yuma.
it sure makes life much more enjoyable when we have some good friends around.
not to mention how good it is for kate to have play dates with your little man.
i still laugh every time i hear her boss him around-
she sure likes to be in control of him.
the hand-holding is all her idea [she's getting a little cheeky isn't she?]

ps. this is how jank and i 'play' with the kids when it's 100 degrees at 10 am.
we sit in the shade, force the kids to drink water and i take pictures of us.
aren't we the greatest babysitters ever?




And you're looking super cute and styley while sitting there too.

Sarah said...

haha don't worry I am pretty sure I would be sitting in the shade as well. Even if it wasn't 100. I am terrible at playing. Glad Miss Kate has a friend!