Thursday, March 22, 2012

week 2: recap

baby E-

your 2nd was filled with snuggles and eating.... and napping.
because napping is very important.
if you're anything like me, you will always love a good nap.

our wonderful week was interrupted by a case of pink eye.
still not sure how you got it [none of us had it]
but a quick trip to the pediatrician and some antibiotic drops cleared that grossness up right quick.

 10 day old pics.
so glad we got these pictures taken before your hair fell out.
you're currently rocking a receding hairline.

we love the moby wrap.
it allows me to do important things like the dishes with both arms.
but who am i kidding? 
i didn't do dishes the entire time nana was here.
[i really miss nana....come back please]

dang kid, you're cute.

kate was hard at work on this little masterpiece for quite some time.
what in the world goes on in her little head??

at 2 weeks old you weighed 6#11oz and were still 19 inches.
way to pork up little one.
thank heavens breast-feeding is going awesome this time around
[it was a total failure with your sister much to my disappointment]
but i will say this- engorgement sucks!
but that's what they make percocet for.
am i right or am i right?



Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss everyone! Thank you for blogging!

Nana said...

Oh how I miss everyone! Thank you for blogging!