Monday, January 14, 2013

a return to socal

every parent deserves a break from changing poopy bums, playing princess hide-and-seek and pureed green beans. this last weekend, my friend tyrel and i got a break from mommy-hood. we jetted over to san diego for saturday and sunday for some food, shopping and non-stroller pushing. 
it was as fabulous as it sounds.

the weather was a tiny bit on the nippy side but still gorgeous. 
socal certainly doesn't disappoint. 
so thanks again, san diego:
for being so close to yuma...
for having such great shopping...
for being near the ocean...
for having so many dining options...
and for another great weekend getaway.

saturday we spent trolling around ikea [oh how i miss ikea] and the gaslamp quarter where we had amazing sandwiches at the tipsy crow. 
then we caught a movie [les mis. i'm a sucker for a good musical plus it wasn't animated. always a bonus]


we spent sunday morning wandering around coronado island, soaking up the smell of the ocean, the gorgeous beach cottages, the wonderful sunshine and of course; the asian tourists [who always seem like the happiest people. peace signs and huge grins galore]

^ the bike i want to buy kate ^


to jack-

thanks for wrangling your three kidlets for two days so i could borrow tyrel. 
as a thank you i took a picture of the house i'm going to buy you guys.
you're welcome.


to bb-

i saw this store window and thought of you.
my previous offer still stands-
when you open your next store, i would very much like to be your official
 'store window decorator/in-house nurse'. there'll be a position for that, right?

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Kelli said...

I love the super sexy red lipstick!