Thursday, January 31, 2013

bedtime is the most favorite time.

bedtime means 'one-two-three' and then a gentle toss into the crib followed by lots of giggles.
then there's a bottle to drink and one last snuggle to have.
off goes the light and on goes the fan and the door shuts quietly.
one down, one to go.

why is bedtime the sweetest and yet the most awful?
nothing sounds more dreamy than moms and dads snuggled in bed with their little kidlets,
reading stories, sharing giggles and enjoying the quiet time.

but the reality is not so picture-perfect.
it's the end of the day, everyone's tired.

there's a lot of:
'pick up those toys, i'm not going to ask again'
'go brush your teeth. you know the routine. it's the same every night'
'kate, for the love! quit putting your princess dress back on!'

but then the pj's get put on, the teeth get brushed and we gather for our little family prayer.
and then some of that dreaminess drifts in.
we bow our heads and listen to kate's simple prayer.
....'thank thee that mommy and daddy could play with me. thank thee that evelyn could poop and feel better. please bless to sleep well'....

and then i read one book and jank tells one story and there's kisses and hugs and  'i love you's'.
off goes the light and on goes the fan and the door shuts quietly.


Kelli said...

I adore Miss Kate! How precious is that she prays for Evelyn Rue to poop....AMAZING!!!

Sarah Jane said...

Seriously! That's how I feel about bedtime at our house too! Sometimes I just want to scream, GO TO BED! But then they say a sweet prayer or a sweet I love you, and its all forgotten, until the next night!