Monday, January 28, 2013

the game that occupy our days


today we played 'captain hook and pirate princess'.
it consists of captain hook [me] squatting on his pirate ship [the ottoman]; looking through my telescope [cupped hands], trying to spot the pirate princess [you].
you dance and twirl in the kitchen until i find you and then with a hearty pirate growl,
i leap off the ottoman and a chase ensues.
the evil captain hook tries to steal the pirate princess's golden crown. 
captain hook can run easily on the carpet but must slip and slide and almost fall down if he runs on the tile [and i've almost really fallen down many, many times. klutzy me]

once the captain obtains the crown, he hides it and the princess must find it before 
the game can start all over again. and again. 
and again. 
and again.
[sooooo much fun after the tenth round]

see you tomorrow pirate princess.

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