Thursday, January 17, 2013

conversations with kate


you say so many awesome and funny things right now, they must be documented so we can torture you with these memories later on. so let's carry on with the silliness that comes out of your mouth:

me:    kate! stop sucking your finger.
kate:  ok, but can i suck my flumb [thumb]?
me:    no. don't suck anything. it's gross.
kate:  but mooooom! when i suck my finger it helps the nilk [milk] to go down.

love you kater-bug.
let's go get some mcdonalds when evie wakes up. we both know we love those nuggets.



Ha, that's so funny! I really love checking your blog. Beautiful people, beautiful pictures, and hilarious commentary.

Diane said...

I love it and I love that you record these great moments. I always thought I would remember and never did. You are such a good mom and of course Kate is absolutely adorable. Love you all so much!