Sunday, January 27, 2013

i tip my hat to all the single parents.

dear jank:

well, we survived.
a whole weekend with just me and the girlies while you abandoned us for a golf tournament with jack.
sorry you guys got rained out the first day,
but super excited that you were only 2 feet from Tiger and that you got to see great golf
[although i'm still not convinced there is anything 'great' about watching golf]

this weekend was a little rough.
evie is cutting her top two teeth and has a cold to boot.
so sleeping wasn't her thing.
she was up from 0130 to 0500 last night.
it wasn't awesome, let's just leave it at that.

we missed you in nursery at church today.
evie was fussy [from lack of sleep/teething] and wanted to be held the entire time;
along with delsie, jaydian, jett and cianni.
my lap just wasn't big enough for them all.

kate watched more movies than i care to admit to,
but that's just how it goes sometimes.
pretty sure she's no worse off because of it.
ps, is it normal for her to have every line of the tinkerbell movie memorized??

tonight we hung up some streamers, lit some candles, blew up some balloons and had tyrel and the kids over for dinner.
we called it the 'daddy's left for the weekend and mommy's didn't kill any kids' celebration.

so glad you're on your way home right now.
that means i can sleep in peace and take down the barricades i've built by the exterior doors.
[let's be honest, you all know i'm a wee bit anxious so building barricades shouldn't surprise you]

see you soon, my love.


[i'm starting to wonder why i even buy kate clothes since 
the only thing she ever wears is that princess dress]

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Sarah Jane said...

I have to agree with you on the watching Golf thing! SO BORING! My hubs can't get enough!