Thursday, August 26, 2010

a blahg post

dear life:

i'm feeling a little beaten down.
you're wearing me out.
i'll be better tomorrow but for tonight i'm checking out, ignoring my woes and watching 'glee' clips.
and i'm going to make jank watch my favorites with me because (even though he has trouble admitting it) he loves glee.

during the glee finale i cried.
possibly twice
ok, fine. 3 times.
i'm dramatic, the show is dramatic and i'm not ashamed.

one said cry was during this song.

quinn's face at the end is what got me. i miss seeing that look

i love fall
i can't wait for the return of my favorite show...
and cooler weather (100 degrees is not for me)...
and hot cocoa...
and christmas. ok, that's going a little too far but i can't wait for my elf.

and those are my ramblings.
good night.


Thistles said...

Maybe you felt a little beaten down from cleaning my house and doing 5 loads of my laundry??? Seriously! You dont know what it was like waking up to a clean house! Thank you thank you for your help, I really needed it.

Brittany said...

I love how she just gave birth to a 3 month old.

Jamie Page said...

Oh Kayla! How i wish you and Janc lived in the valley. We so miss survivor nights and we love glee too!