Tuesday, August 17, 2010


no letter. just thoughts.

tomorrow is our last full day in MN and i'm depressed about it.
and i hit my head on the edge of a door and it really hurt. 
double depression. 

i really shouldn't be feeling so blue. today was a great day- kate didn't wake up until 0820, we played tennis and wiffle ball, swam in the pool and went to olive garden for dinner. 
(we also got to see kerrianne in her wedding dress.
but i'm not allowed to talk about that article of clothing for 2.5 more weeks. 
i'll just say it's beautiful and leave it at that)

the last few nights i've blogged from the front bedroom. it's so relaxing to lay on the bed with the window thrown open and listen to the neighborhood noises and crickets. we're staying in what i refer to as the 'cloud room' because bb painted clouds all over it when she was younger. it's now painted a tan color but i still call it the 'cloud room'. funny how certain things never change. the room overlooks the cul-du-sac and during the day i love to sit on the bed and watch the neighborhood. yesterday the ice cream truck drove by blaring christmas music. it made me so happy to see the neighbor boy (sam?) race to the truck in a dripping swimsuit. i thought he wouldn't make it but the ice cream man waited patiently for him. it reminded me of my youth and all the great times i had in this house. there was plenty of rough times too (my mom deserves a medal and a halo and a mansion in heaven). i love this home and it makes me sad to think that my parents will move in a few years. no more summer trips to MN. i know i need to accept this and move on but i think i will be a grown-up in the morning. tonight i want to pout about it. 

maybe a few pictures of a great day will cheer me:

every time katers put a ball in the bucket papa would cheer. she was pretty proud of herself.

wiffle ball was played. check out my awesome pitching form.
(and yes mr red, my dad did beat us. but jank didn't break the bat. good thing because mom and i just bought it this morning.)

what else is there to do when you're waiting for your future sister to get her wedding dress on?
wait patiently like an adult (please note my mom in the corner) or pose like a mannequin?

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Kelli said...

I am in love with the fact that you took a picture at the bridal store like a mannequin. I think we need to go shopping together stat.