Monday, August 16, 2010

date night

Dear mother and father:

thanks for taking care of the kid tonight so we could go out.
it sure was nice to go over to stillwater and eat overlooking the st. croix.
we love any excuse to get (somewhat) snazzed up and pig out!

many thanks to kerrianne, our photographer

mom, we got onion straws like you told us to.
we might have eaten the entire basket by ourselves..... whoops.
and i used your scarf because, like you predicted, it was cool on the river.
that's one of the million things i love about minnesota summers-
nice and hot during the day but by evening you need a sweater.

dad, thanks for answering on the first ring and for looking up movie showtimes for us.
in case your wondering, we went to 'eat, pray, love' not 'the other guys'
it came down to a game of paper, rock, scissors and i was victorious.
(i love winning)

can't wait to spend the day with both of you tomorrow.
do you think we can play wiffle ball in the yard?
hope so.


Tyrel said...

Jack and I loved Stillwater!! It was one of our favorite places to go when we went to Wisconsin and we always said that it was one place we always wanted to go back to. Parents rock! I am glad you were able to go on a date night.

Scott said...

If you play wiffle ball I guarantee that your dad will win and Jank will lose and probably break the bat/ball like last time.