Wednesday, August 18, 2010

sugar high


out-of-towners might call you by your given name: the mall of america.
we minnesotans like to think we're on friendlier terms.
you're MOA to us.

you're an old friend to me. when you first opened your doors moms everywhere were excusing their kids from school to go see the 'biggest mall in america'. it was so very exciting. but then you kind of became boring and run-of-the-mill. sorry, no offense but i got bored with you. too big, too much, too overwhelming for a normal shopping trip. i stopped visiting you and our friendship died.

but today i apologized for my rudeness and you accepted my apology and all was right in my world.
everyone needs a good friend and today i had you.

with cloudy skies and the threat of rain our plans for the como zoo were dashed. so we packed up and headed to see you. (after a 2.5 hour nap for katers. seriously why on days when we need to get going she naps for soooo long. but on days when i NEED her to sleep, she only naps for 30 min. screw you universe) anyway, off we went to the other side of the twin cities.

oh wait...
first there was a trip to see 91 year old grannie.
that was fun.
fun chasing a toddler around an apartment filled with picture frames and crystal dishes.
geez that kid can destroy when she wants to!

katers blurry due to toddler-like activity

but then (finally!) we arrived. the first store we hit contained my shoes for the wedding. perfect timing MOA- i didn't have to wander all day looking for gray heels. jank REALLY appreciated your consideration.

your amusement park had a major facelift awhile ago. i was unaware of such changes and was taken by pleasant surprise to see all your new rides. jank, kerrianne and i decided to give a few a try. i haven't screamed like that in a looooooong time. thanks for the good times. i needed to let loose like a kid again.

mom tracked down your mini donut stand and bought us 2 bags. isn't she awesome?

there was no way to contain my excitement.

i have been craving mini donuts for about a year now and was so excited to finally get some.  i'm not ashamed to say i stuffed my face. like, inhaled and almost didn't share. (i think i might be addicted to sugar)

thanks again MOA. i love you and hope we can continue this glorious friendship for many years to come.

this pic reminds me of 'harold and the purple crayon'
so stinking cute, if i do say so myself!

with adoration,


ps. can you come visit me in UT? i think it'll be awhile before i see you again and i don't do well with long waits.

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Sarah Jane said...

How fun, looks like you guys are having a great vacation! Kate is so adorbale!