Thursday, August 12, 2010

living the dream

fellow passengers of delta flight 2085 (part II)-

a big thank you to you all for not glaring at us the entire time.

kate did surprisingly well. there were only a couple of moments when i thought one of you might throw something at us. i think it helped that there was a rather loud 2 yr old sitting in the row behind us- she monopolized your irritated looks so very few were sent our way. (thanks addie! who's name i know because the mom kept scolding her very loudly)

this gloriousness lasted for about 5 minutes:

katers couldn't nap w/o her room darkening shade, her ocean waves and her 4 blankies (we're raising a picky child), so we played and ate and played and drank and played and ate........ until we landed 2 hours later. 

good bye mountains, hello lakes!

let the fun begin.

and by fun i mean swimming in the pool, basking in the sun, eating, listening to REAL thunderstorms, eating, shopping, movies, eating, and wedding preparations. oh and eating.
i already weighed in to see how much i can gain in 1 week.
thanks mom for buying hostess cupcakes.

kate post-swim. cruising around the yard like she's never seen open space before. 
(apartment living sucks)

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