Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a house guest

dear new tooth in kate's lower gums:

welcome!! we're so very glad you decided to FINALLY show up. it took you a little longer than expected and the delay almost killed us. but sure enough, you appeared.
you're timing is impeccable- you're just in time for jank's 3 week break from school. yahoooo

now, a few rules for the duration of your time with us:

  1. you must stay awhile. it was a lot of work preparing for you and you owe us at least 6 years.
  2. you must do a good job. so be sharp and help kate bite through quesadillas so we can stop the annoying task of tearing them into small pieces for her.
  3. it would be nice if you stayed bright and white. no one likes a yellow tooth.

again, thanks for coming

the jancers

(downtown slc- uncle red joined the celebration)

(katers so happy to not be in pain.... or maybe she just likes the cold stream)