Sunday, August 22, 2010


dearest curly-q hair on the back of kater's head:

you know who you are and i love you. you're the only chunk of hair that knows how to grow properly. could you please get your other buddies in line and tell them to start turning out more blonde curls??? 

at church today i was looking around at all the other little girls with their hair all fancied up and became jealous for a second. then i remembered how kate woke up at 12:57 and we did a rapid fire diaper change and flew out the door. i didn't have to worry about bows or headbands or braids or pony's. i just gave you an little tug and you sprang to life and off we went. it was awesome.

jancer asked me a few weeks ago if we should cut you off. "WHAT?!?" i screeched, "you want to cut off the few pieces of hair that are actually growing?? her gorgeous piggie's tail?? you're dumb." and that ended that conversation. 

no worries- i've got your back. plus, i hid all the scissors from the big guy. 

you get to stay. for a very long time i hope. because i think you're adorable (except when we bathe miss kate and you get wet and look like a rat's tail. not so cute)

do you have any idea how hard it is to get a clear pic of a toddler with a crappy camera??
 please note the curly-q


post script for BB:


hope this is enough kate to get you through the night. see you tomorrow!

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Thistles said...

Yeah! I've been waiting! Cant wait to see Katers tomorrow, I miss her cheeks, plus she needs to hoo hoo for me too! Loved the pics of her in her dress, it is so cute on she still wearing those brown mary janes??? See you tomorrow!:)