Sunday, August 15, 2010

photo overload


miss you.
a lot.

especially tonight while playing hand and foot.
and eating angel food cake w/ cherry frosting.
don't you worry, i'm eating nonstop for the both of us.

i'm so glad that lizard went to bed early tonight (i hope that means you get some good sleep).
but i really wish we could've skyped.
i wanted to see your face and liz's and t george's.
maybe tomorrow? please??

blogging while on vacation is hard.
i'm the type of person who makes a mental list (another list! i know) of all i want to do and see.
then i become stressed when the vacation goes too fast and i'm not crossing things off my list.
i need to slow down and enjoy.
so that's what i did yesterday.
there was no new post for you because kerrianne, dad, jank and i played cards.
(kerrianne was taught the ways of haskins' card playing.... oh we are an anal bunch)
but then i felt bad because i promised you i would blog every night so you wouldn't miss out.
mcdonald's to make up for my blunder??

so here is a whole slew of pictures for you viewing pleasure:

corn on the cob @ wilson tool picnic. sooo good

jancer stuffing his face. we did this all day- except they didn't have snow cones. pout.

a new activity this year...
kerrianne injured her leg on. mom FLEW (far!) off the bucking cow and i bailed right after this pic.
it got a little too crazy for this momma

remember when we had to wear our name badges on our backs so we wouldn't tear them off?
the petting zoo returned.... katers was terrified of course

they even had a kangaroo you could pet and feed grapes. katers wouldn't touch it of course but she barked at it. just like she did with EVERY animal there. apparently they were all doggies to her. 
(she's hoo-hoo'ing at the kangaroo)

jancers has a hidden talent... horseshoes. just check out that form.
he took third in men's.
i took third in women's.... only 3 women signed up. 
mom won a dirt devil kone for 2nd place. (which i will be stealing).

do we even need to explain?
i love sugar. and i was not about to share!

it was so hot and humid at the picnic all we could talk about was getting in the pool.
kate fell asleep on the ride home and slept for 2 hours.
we took full advantage of nap time and played in the pool.
jank kept threatening to dump me off my floatie and i told him if he did i wouldn't talk to him for the night.
kerrianne thinks we bicker all the time, i told her that's just how we express our love to each other.

jank had to play ball by himself b/c t george isn't here.
he's really bummed about that.

mom leaving for her 35 yr high school reunion. (she didn't get home til 1 am!)
mom's hair finally passed the awkward growing-out stage.
FINALLY. she looked like one hot nana!

nana decided to put pollen in her eye (she claims accidental but i think she was trying to ditch church). we headed to the ER to get it flushed out. it didn't stop swelling for a couple hours. the sclera was almost bulging out of her eye- jank and i loved it!
guess my prediction for this visit didn't come true... at least no one is locked up at the moment!

please ignore the hideous lighting- fluorescent lights do nothing for us.
the whole mullin clan was there for their fam reunion so that means attendance was doubled!
don't the babies look ecstatic to be missing naps and lunch?

well, that's it little sister.
i hope you feel caught up.

sorry blogger was being dumb earlier and you have to wait til morning to read this.
everyone at church says hi and they can't wait to see you in a few weeks.
sione wants me to give you a kiss from him. 

ps: i was only called 'brittany' 3 times today.
that's pretty good compared to normal!

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Thistles said...

Okay dont post any more, it's pure torture seeing everything I missed out on! The company picnic!!! Good corn, eating ALL day plus endless treats, Tyler really missed out. Dad's company never disappoints but seriously a bucking cow...SWEET! Was it better than us riding the ostriches, I'll bet watching mom it was!
A kangaroo, seriously! Love it that Katers was barking at everything, Liz would of been right there with her. Was shocked Brandon played horseshoes...did he even know he was good?? I think the pic of Katers wanting your cotton candy is my favorite. Shows the pure joy of the picnic :)
You will have to tell mom how AMAZING she looked for her reunion. You are right she does look good, and skinny! Did she go without dad? That seems kind of weird...

Loved the eye picture, I think the ER over Jail is better especially when mom is involved. Good thing you were there. I'll bet you had to hold back from walking in and just doing what you do best.

Glad you didnt miss church completely! You and shannon look so cute. Bet it was fun seeing EVERYONE! Wonder how people still mix us up, we really dont look that much alike :)

Thanks for posting, after magoos went to bed at eight thirty she decided one thirty was a good time to get up and play. UGH! she didnt go down until past three in the morning...double UGH! cant wait for her to consistently sleep through the nite, she is one!

Cant wait to play cards the anal way, Ty loves pushing moms buttons when we do, easy enough because we all think our way is the "right way". Yeah now Kerrianne can join the fun!!!

Hope you like my comments, go ahead and delete when you read, miss your face, and katers sweet voice!