Friday, June 24, 2011

last saturday

dear vintage carnival rides at liberty park:

i really didn't think kate would want to ride on any of you.
she surprised me and [with some prompting from jank] demanded to ride the airplanes.
so we bought a ticket, buckled her in the metal bumble bee and waited for the tears.
lo and behold, the kid liked it!
maybe next time we'll ride the swings [which really do not look very safe so probably not] 
or the carousel or the ferris wheel.

and what summer day would be complete without a tiger's blood sno-cone?
after the treats were gone, i packed up and headed to work [stuck inside on a gorgeous saturday? bleh].
jank and kate stayed at the park and he pushed her on the swings for 30 minutes.
little stinker was so tired from all the fun she almost fell asleep swinging.
i think kate likes summertime.


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Nana said...

Really? She liked the airplane ride? Is that her face of enjoyment? She can be such a somber child.....and I LOVE her!